How fast can your Glue Tools Toolkit transcode to ProRes?
Posted by on 23 November 2013 08:12 AM

Unfortunately there is no "Magic Number" for rendering time. Every system is set up differently. Every software package is different. And with QuickTime, a number of packages are in the mix, not just my software tools.

All of the Glue Tools Toolkits can certainly do the job very quickly. Once installed, any application that can export ProRes should "just work".

There are some limiting factors:

  • - The Glue Tools Toolkits will create the imagery, ProRes Compresses the imagery. Both steps have to happen on each and every frame.
  • - ProRes (and every other compression codec) is generally CPU driven. The Glue Tools packages are GPU based and are generally really fast.
  • - Your system’s drive speed, GPU Speed and CPU speed will limit how fast the compression goes.
  • - The Quality Settings in the Glue Tools Package, as well as the settings in the compression package will determine the speed, as well.

In a nutshell, I can tell you that our Toolkits are able to playback footage real time on high end machines. On laptops using medium quality render modes, playback works extremely well. The Glue Tools Toolkit is going to be able to render frames far faster than ProRes can encode them.

Sorry that I can’t provide you a “number”. But as you can see above, how much time it takes, will vary from system to system.

Having said that, you can download a demo and try it yourself. Be sure to enable “GT Hybrid A” (if using RAW packages) as the debayer, and select GPU mode for OpenCL. Then set up your render job in QuickTime Player 7 or Compressor 4.

(CineonDPX Toolkit doesn't need to debayer, so the "GT Hybrid A" setting isn't needed.)

This will give you an excellent idea as to how much time it will take for your system to render a shot.

Please ask questions!


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