Supported 10 Gigabit Ethernet Hardware for Séance v2.0.x
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Séance v2.0 supports a variety of 10 Gigabit Ethernet hardware. As long as your card supports the version of MacOSX that you are using, and provides up to date drivers, you should be in business. Most people will use 10 Gigabit Ethernet with their Vision Research device in one of 2 ways: PCI-E on a MacPro or a Thunderbolt Chassis attached to a Thunderbolt enabled Macintosh. If you are using a Thunderbolt setup, you will find that most 10 Gig hardware will work, with the exception of Myricom hardware.

A MacPro, with a 10 Gigabit Ethernet and a RAID will be the fastest solution for downloading footage. Macbook Pro or iMacs with Thunderbolt will be slower. The download speed will greatly depend upon the processing power of you Macintosh. Do not expect your laptop to match the speed of a MacPro. Keep this in mind, when testing your setup for performance.

The list below includes the devices that have been tested with Séance. Others may work, but we will not be able to provide detailed support, should an issue arise. Myricom cards WILL NOT be supported when used in a Thunderbolt enclosure. (Don't bother to ask.)

The following network hardware is certified and supported for Séance:

Mac Pro - PCIe

  • Small Tree - 10 Gigabit PCI Express Single or Dual Optical SL cards. (PETG1SFP+, PETG2SFP+)
  • Small Tree - 10 Gigabit PCI Express Single or Dual 10GbaseT cards. (PETG1-CAT6A, PETG2-CAT6A)
  • Myricom - 10 Gigabit Ethernet Solutions (10G-PCIE-8B-2S, amongst many others)
  • ATTO Technology - FastFrame 10GbE SFP+ NIC (FFRM-NS11-000, FFRM-NS12-000, FFRM-NS14-000)
  • ATTO Technology - FastFrame 10GBaseT NIC (FFRM-NT11-000, FFRM-NT12-000)


Thunderbolt, Thunderbolt 2 (including the "Thunderbolt" MacPro)

  • Small Tree - SANLink2 10GBASE-T - 10Gbase T Cat6A Single Port Thunderbolt 2 device.
  • Small Tree - ThunderNET2 (TN2-10-1PF, TN2-10-2PF). 10GbE Optical Single or Dual Port Thunderbolt 2 device.
  • Small Tree - ThunderNET2 (TN2-10-1P, TN2-10-2P). 10GbaseT Cat6A Single or Dual Port Thunderbolt 2 device.
  • ATTO Technology - ThunderLink NS 2102 SFP+ (TLNS-2102-D00)
  • ATTO Technology - ThunderLink NT 2102 10GBaseT (TLNT-2102-D00)
  • ATTO Technology - ThunderLink NS 1101 SFP+ (TLNS-1101-D00)
  • ATTO Technology - ThunderLink NT 1102 10GBaseT (TLNT-1102-D00)
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Comments (2)
27 May 2014 04:21 AM
How do I set ThunderLink 10GBaseT NT 1102 (TLNT-1102-D00) with a CineStation, so you can download files to 10GBaseT on Mac?
Robert Monaghan
27 May 2014 10:34 PM
Hi Saul,

Séance has a "Help" menu. Look under "Help->Séance Help". This will open the user manual. You will find the instructions for connecting 10Gig ethernet there.

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