Network problems that can cause licensing to fail
Posted by on 06 July 2012 01:48 AM

When you encounter a long license activate time which results in an error message, it is usually caused by a configuration issue near your end of the network.

Rather than contacting us and saying our server is down,  take a look at the suggestions below to see if these aren't affecting you. In almost every case that we have dealt with, the firewall nearest to you, is the cause of problems. Understanding how your network firewall is set up, usually helps to fix the issue. 

(Very rarely do we have a license server outage. -- I think only twice, since we have been in business.) 

Here are some suggestions:

The licensing system can use either port 80 (the http/www port) or port 44333 as an alternative. (44333 is a generic port)
You can switch between the two. Normally this is a pop-up menu with a title similar to: "Alternate Network Port for License:"
Try switch from one to the other, then try licensing again. 

If you don't get anywhere by doing this, then there could be one of a couple of things in the way:

- The firewall nearest to you is configured to use a proxy system, or a packet filter (for "non-http" packets) or is using a caching system.
Any of these will prevent port 80 from working.

- The firewall is blocking port 44333 (in the case that you are using this port instead of port 80). The port needs to be opened in order to use it.

If these are fine, then perhaps:
- Your Mac has its internal firewall turned on.
- Your Mac has parental controls enabled.

You can check these in your Macintosh's System Preference panel.

These are the common culprits. You may need the help of your IT dept to track some of these problems down.

As a "last resort", I have seen people activate a wifi "hotspot" on their cell phones, and connect their macs to the internet this way.
This method generally works, pretty well. - not ideal, but does get people moving along.

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Comments (2)
Nick Hattingh
16 November 2016 03:20 PM
Our corporate firewall is blocking attempts to connect to your license server, is there a way to license the software offline?
Many company's allow us to generate an ID from the PC that we need the license for, then use a different PC to get the license.
Making changes to our corporate firewall is NOT an option.
Robert Monaghan
16 November 2016 04:02 PM
There is nothing we can do about this. It is the nature of our software. One potential workaround, is to use a cell phone or other wireless hotspot to activate the package.
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