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Networking Tips for Séance Users
Posted by Robert Monaghan, Last modified by Robert Monaghan on 27 January 2020 12:01 AM

A quick set of tips, for those that are using 10GB ethernet and Séance.

A handful of you are making some simple mistakes, that dramatically impact the usability of Séance with a Cinestation or Camera.

Here are some points that you *must* follow to have the best experience.

1. DO NOT - set the MTU of your 10Gb connection to 9000.

Only an MTU of 1500 is permitted.

Changing the MTU to any other value will corrupt playback and downloads. Séance will also be extremely unreliable.

2. Set the ethernet IP address on your Mac, properly!

Do not use the same IP as your camera/cinestation!

Do not use an IP that ends in ".1" (ie: or

Do not set the same IP for multiple Ethernet ports on your Mac. 

The best suggestion is to pick a range such as: to

or: to

Other suggestions for better performance includes:

- When using a 10Gb ethernet connection, set the throttle (in Séance's preferences) to 50%. Modify the value and then watch playback or download of a Cine. You can get the feel for the best setting.

- eGPUs are not always the fastest solution, with Séance. When tested with Séance, throughput was much faster with the built in AMD GPU, rather than with Thunderbolt.

- On cameras -- Downloads and Live Preview are using the same 10Gb connection! For faster downloads, do not use live preview! 
If you have to set up your next shot while downloading, you can reduce the playback rate of the live preview in Séance's preferences. Open the preferences, and select the "Imaging" tab. Change "Playback Throttle Factor" to 50% or 25% of the playback frame rate. This will slow down the live preview and improve download speeds.

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