Séance Flex4K updated to v2.1.1040
Posted by Robert Monaghan on 09 November 2017 04:11 PM
Séance Flex4K v2.1.1040 has been released.

This update includes fixes that should eliminate issues with downloads stalling after the first shot is downloaded.
Please report back, if this issue persists.

Also fixed:
- Start TimeCode value is now properly filled in in the Log File.
- Assorted small issues with the background ProRes Transcoder.
- Minor fixes for High Sierra compatibility.

The download is available using the "Check For
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Phantom VEO4K and Séance v3.0
Posted by Robert Monaghan on 06 October 2017 08:08 PM
Hi Everyone,

I have received a large number of requests for VEO 4K support with Séance v3.0.
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Séance (and Séance Lite) v3.0.1912 Updated
Posted by Robert Monaghan on 10 August 2017 04:29 AM
The Séance v3.0.1912 update addresses some bugs that people have reported. (Thanks!)
Séance v3.0's latest "new feature" is Black Reference Assist. When enabled, Séance will warn you to perform a Black References on your Camera, if certain settings are changed. This feature is intended to make sure that you always get the best looking image, as often as possible.

This version also fixes some Preview issues with MacOSX 10.11.6.
Fixes have been performed on Preferences,
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Séance (Séance Lite) v3.0.1911 has been posted.
Posted by Robert Monaghan on 26 July 2017 03:20 AM
Séance v3.0.1911 has just been updated.

Bugfixes include:
- 10Gb downloads from the Cinemag have been fixed. (This worked with 1Gb connections.)
- Assorted UI fixes
- Fixed ProRes downloads from the Cinemag.

New Feature:
- Checksums!
You can now enable a background checksum task, from Séance->Preferences menu.
Click on the "File Settings" tab, and click on "Generate Checksum".

When you set up a "Reelname", your files will have
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Séance v3.0 is ready for Release!
Posted by Robert Monaghan on 16 July 2017 11:26 PM
Séance v3.0 is ready for Release!
Control a Phantom Camera with a Macintosh!

Hi Phantom Operators! 

I am thrilled to say that Séance v3.0 is out of beta. It has been a really long development cycle. The release build is now available via "Auto Update" for those that installed the Séance v3. beta.

(Note: If you installed v3.0.1905 or earlier, auto-update won't pick up

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Séance v3.0.1908 (beta 4) - Available for download
Posted by Robert Monaghan on 23 June 2017 03:57 PM

Hi Everyone,

I have posted an update to Séance v3.0
This version has undergone a significant re-write of the User Interface code.
This means that the UI will now behave as you would expect.
It also allows for future capabilities as well as even the possibility of language translations. (Lets hope this can happen!)

A brief list of changes:
- Now includes 10G support for the VEO camera.
- Fixes to downloading to different destinations

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