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Séance (Séance Lite) v3.0.1911 has been posted.
Posted by Robert Monaghan on 26 July 2017 03:20 AM
Séance v3.0.1911 has just been updated.

Bugfixes include:
- 10Gb downloads from the Cinemag have been fixed. (This worked with 1Gb connections.)
- Assorted UI fixes
- Fixed ProRes downloads from the Cinemag.

New Feature:
- Checksums!
You can now enable a background checksum task, from Séance->Preferences menu.
Click on the "File Settings" tab, and click on "Generate Checksum".

When you set up a "Reelname", your files will have a checksum generated, when Séance isn't downloading files.
Séance uses "xxHash 64-bit". You can find the details at their website
his hash system is really very fast. As a result, it works well with Séance.


Upcoming updates will start to add missing functionality, including controlling the Canon Lens mount, as well as other Camera settings.

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Séance v3.0 is ready for Release!
Posted by Robert Monaghan on 16 July 2017 11:26 PM
Séance v3.0 is ready for Release!
Control a Phantom Camera with a Macintosh!

Hi Phantom Operators! 

I am thrilled to say that Séance v3.0 is out of beta. It has been a really long development cycle. The release build is now available via "Auto Update" for those that installed the Séance v3. beta.

(Note: If you installed v3.0.1905 or earlier, auto-update won't pick up the release.)

Some news:
Séance now comes in two versions.
There is now a "Séance Lite" and "Séance". The full package of Séance includes all of the features I have announced. Séance Lite is a feature reduced software package, that is "Download Only". This is very similar Séance v2.0, but with all of the latest code and features. (In short, camera control, live preview, and access to the camera's RAM isn't available with Séance Lite.)

Full Séance v3.0 licenses are $2499.00 and as before, includes the first year of Annual Support. (Subsequent Annual Support is $899.00)

Séance Lite (and annual support) pricing is the same Séance v2.0. $999.00 and $399.00 for Annual Support.
Séance users that have current support can start using Séance v3.0 Lite immediately.

Those users that wish to use the full Séance v3.0 package, please contact us for upgrade details. Upgrade pricing is also available for Séance v1.0 users and Flex4K Bundle users.

I'll post an update shortly, when the updates go live! Until I get the website updated, email me if you wish to try the package.


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Séance v3.0.1908 (beta 4) - Available for download
Posted by Robert Monaghan on 23 June 2017 03:57 PM

Hi Everyone,

I have posted an update to Séance v3.0
This version has undergone a significant re-write of the User Interface code.
This means that the UI will now behave as you would expect.
It also allows for future capabilities as well as even the possibility of language translations. (Lets hope this can happen!)

A brief list of changes:
- Now includes 10G support for the VEO camera.
- Fixes to downloading to different destinations
- HD-SDI modes have been implemented.
- Better support for Miro M320S LAB camera.
- Primitive work being done on CineFlash/C-Fast cards. (Not complete, but the work has been started.)
- Graphics performance tweeks.
- Code simplification and cleanup underway.

This has been one of the largest re-working of the User Interface code, since I have been working on Séance. I think you guys will see the difference.
Enjoy! Report Bugs, and Request features!


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Séance Flex4K v2.1.1038 - Update posted
Posted by Robert Monaghan on 15 May 2017 05:37 PM

Hi Everyone,

Séance Flex4K v2.1.1038 has been posted.
This is a bug fix release that resolves the following problems:

  • Performance issues with Laptops should be resolved.
  • Assorted small code fixes, throughout the app.

You can download Séance Flex4K v2.1.1038 here.

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Séance v3.0 Public Beta 3 - Downloadable
Posted by Robert Monaghan on 09 May 2017 09:58 PM

Séance v3.0.1906 - Public Beta 3 is now available.

You can now find the public beta here:
Seance Public Beta 3

Improvements in this release:

  • Overall performance has been restored.
  • A "Live Preview" throttle has been implemented, to help with poorly responding systems. (In Preferences.)
  • Loop/Run-stop controls added for Cinemag based cameras.
  • Implemented Video Playback for HD-SDI outputs. (Still some work to do here..)
  • Added basic support for Phantom VEO cameras.
  • Added UI functionality to prevent accidental recordings.
  • Disabled UI controls that could disrupt a recording. (i.e.: changing resolution, etc.)
  • Fixed a number of outstanding bugs with state changes, UI changes, etc.

Report bugs! Report issues! Report Successes!

A valid Séance v3 license is required for this beta. Please contact us if you wish to renew support.
Otherwise the software will run in Demo Mode.



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Séance Flex4K v2.1.1037 - Update posted
Posted by Robert Monaghan on 02 May 2017 05:43 PM

Hi Everyone,

Séance Flex4K v2.1.1037 has been posted.
This is a bug fix release that resolves the following problems:

  • Network bug that caused slow performance on 10G ethernet.
  • Fixed Video Playback (out HD-SDI) on Flex4K Cameras.
  • Added a warning message, if an unsupported GPU is being used.
  • Added performance improvements from Séance v3.0.

Séance v3.0 beta will be updated in a few days, also to include some of the fixes, mentioned above.

You can download Séance Flex4K v2.1.1037 here.

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