Cineon/DPX 2003-2017
Posted by Robert Monaghan on 07 April 2017 02:44 PM

Hi Everyone! Today, I have decided to retire the Cineon/DPX package. It was the product that started my original foray into software development as a business. It allowed me to meet some really amazing people and customers. It also led me down a path that I really didn't think I would travel.

QuickTime itself has been put to rest, by Apple. QuickTime itself is an amazingly old toolkit, in computer terms, too. But, its time has passed. (As one QuickTime Engineer put it - QuickTime was hopelessly 32-bit.. It was never going to make the transition to 64-bit.) It isn't to say that QuickTime isn't missed, but progress demands that we move forward. Apple doesn't appear to be interested in plugin support for plugins, with QuickTime's replacement. But perhaps in the future, Apple will enable Third Party support for plugins with AVFoundation. (I really look forward to that possibility! <nudge nudge>)

For those of you that still use the package, I will maintain the licensing depending upon the software version. Fortunately, CineonDPX v4.x users can expect this to be quite a long while. (It shares my more modern licensing system, with my most recent software packages.) CineonDPX v3.5 and older, this is probably only going to be a year or so. It uses a much older system, that I no longer support.

Soon, I will be retiring my other QuickTime plugins, too.
The only QuickTime component that I expect to continue development on, will be the Phantom Cine Toolkit. But before long, this too will be retired. However, that is unlikely to be soon.

Its been a long ride for some of these products. Its been a lot of fun and a great learning experience.

But now, its time to get back to new ideas and new products!

Thank you to everyone that supported the Cineon/DPX package over the years!


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